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~Sound Therapy~

Sound Therapy is a gentle but powerful practice that uses Frequencies to relax both your ‘mind and physical cells, in the body’. Assisting to both clear Anxiety, stagnant emotions, PTSD and also to rebalance the functioning systems of your body.

*In-person Session Prices with Mel:

1 on 1

Adult60 min Session $65
1 on 1

Children30 min Session $35

*NDIS Rates are as per specific Client needs~NDIS Packages Available ~Please discuss needs with Mel

Beginners Singing Bowl Workshop

*free bowl included

(get beginner certified!)

July 10th Casino NSW, bookings by phone 0491760831


*Group relaxing Sound

Sessions Bookings please Enquire:0491745004

How can Sound Therapy assist us?
Would you like to have better mental clarity? Improve your sleep patterns? Breathe well? Feel more ease in you day? Sound Therapy is a gentle and kind modality (ideal for any age), and allows the frequencies of the Sound to ‘synchronise’ with brain waves (this process is called Brain Entrainment). These Sound frequencies activate de-stress responses in the body, helping us to relax and realign. To feel safe enough to step off the ‘fight, flight, freeze’ hamster wheel that many of us exist on daily. 

Water conducts frequencies… To an incredible and powerful degree. Sound and Frequencies move through everything: matter, water, the atmosphere & us. At both a cellular & energy level we can clear blockages & feel relief from use of this ancient & beautifully powerful modality. The human body and its cells are made up of approximately 70% water. Each and every single one of our cells holds hydration and generationally inherited, information within it. When we absorb the aligning frequencies of a Sound Therapy Session, our cells can reset and recalibrate to an optimal setting. That’s the effect frequency has on our cells. Allowing us to operate at a higher level of both wake and sleeping functions. We can then move to living as a more productive and happier version of ourselves. 

All Crystal Sound Bowls (from Rainbow Sounds) used by Mel, are genuine and highest quality Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls with 432hz Tuning (this is known as the ‘healing hertz of sound’ or the Earth frequency and this frequency raises physical vibration). Mel also incorporates her Ocean Drum, Wind Chimes and Tibetan brass bowls into these
restorative & gentle sessions.

Mel is also happy to conduct sessions for groups or businesses. Sound Therapy ‘group recalibration’ can assist with team building or as a beautiful, gratitude practice to honour & bless your team.

Being a Certified Colonic Hydrotherapist, Certified Birth Doula, Sound Certified Educator and Energy Intuitive, Mel offers support through a wealth of modalities, and at a time when boosting gut health matters more than ever, she offers trouble shooting regarding gut health and the gut/brain and mind/body connection through clearing cellular inflammation and blockages.

NDIS Fully Funded Tools and Training Crystal Bowl Packages are now available in the Northern Rivers. Mel offers her local sessions at The Chambers 98 Walker st Casino and her private clinic in East Lismore. (She can also travel to your requested location for a small travel fee.)

Sound Therapy Sessions are powerful when conducted in natural outdoors locations. In the summer months Mel performs Sound Therapy Group Sessions at varying beach locations, please stay tuned for details.

As a qualified Sound Educator, Mel runs Group (and private) Crystal Sound Bowl Workshops in conjunction, with her Sound Mentor, Bianca, from Rainbow Sounds (Gold Coast). Please see http://www.rainbowsounds.co for more details.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


Session Times & Availability

Sound Therapy Sessions are a mobile service, they can be performed in your home for a small travel fee. 

~Sound Therapy Sessions are held at a private Clinic in East Lismore

~Beginners Sound Certifying Workshops and Monthly Womens Circles operate from ‘The Chambers’ 98 Walker ST Casino

~Corporate bookings available upon request

*please message Mel on 0491760831 to book, spaces are limited-please book to avoid disappointment.

Adult 60 min Session $65
Children 30 min Session $35

NDIS individual packages ~ *price on request

*First Aid, Cpr and Working with Children Check Current

*Gift Vouchers Available